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Policies & Rules
Heliopolis Club Statement of Purpose & Internal Policies

In this downloadable PDF file the club briefly describes its statement of purpose which represent its intent regarding its members in general. The Files also includes its internal policies regarding:
a. Hours of club's operation during the Summer, Winter and the month of Ramadan. 
b. Hours of operation for different club's outlets such as restaurants and different sports facilities like Gyms and courts.
c. A guidance to general acceptable behaviors and dress codes in different club's outlets.
d. General punitive rules. 
e. Policies for using different club's facilities.

                                       اللائحة الداخلية.pdf

EL Sherouk Branch Internal Rules & Regulations

These are the Sherouk branch set of rules and policies governing its operation.
If you are a member in that branch only or if you're a member in both branches, it will do a lot of good to take a quik peak at these set of rules and polices.

لائحة الشروق.pdf

Marsa Matrouh Branch Regulations
Please find below the policies and regulations regarding the Marsa Matrouh HSC branch.
Click this link below  to open the PDF file
لأئحة مرسى مطروح.pdf

Health Committee Policies
Please check the  Health committee policies for the Heliopolis Sporting read or download please click the following link:

  لائحة اللجنة الصحية.pdf .

Amended Social and Cultural Activities Policies
Please find below the Amended Social and Cultural Policies for the club.
You can check those policies or download them, please click the following link:

بعد التعديل النشاط الثقافي والإجتماعي.pdf

Sports Activities Policies
Please find below a link to download the Heliopolis Club Sports Activities Policies.
You can view or download those policies by clicking the link below:

لائحة النشاط الرياضي.pdf

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